New Model Army

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New Model Army

Mittwoch, 8. März 2017, 20:00 Uhr
Z7 Konzertfabrik, Kraftwerkstrasse 7, 4133 Pratteln

New Model Army haben mit ihrem neuen Album `Winter` diese Jahr für viel aufsehen gesorgt. Die britische Rock/Folk/Punk-Band hat mit `Winter` ein starkes Stück abgeliefert. Justin Sullivan über das Album:
“Between Dog and Wolf” opened up a lot of creative doors for us, so it was exciting to go and look inside. The results were not necessarily planned – as usual we felt our way - but I think “Winter” has a really strong identity. It is very much the sound of people in difficult places – something that so many of us can relate to at the moment, on a lot of different levels. It is a much more of a band album than “Between Dog and Wolf” and we made a deliberate choice in mixing it to sound more aggressive and a little less polished”.

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