Consciousness Way Hamburg Group

Consciousness Way Hamburg Group

Dienstag, 24. November 2020, 18:30 Uhr
bis Mittwoch, 25. November 2020, 08:30 Uhr
Manalyse, Bornstr. 1, 20146 Hamburg

Ring of Strength

A group for spiritual and self development according to the Consciousness Way of Gabriel Raam, a philosopher, spiritual teacher and writer.

The group meets weekly in Hamburg, Germany and is lead by M.Sc.Psych. Nazım Kılıç, who as a psychologist, philosopher and long-time student of Gabriel Raam is responsible for the teaching and transmission of Mr. Gabriel's teaching. He also developed Manalyse, a therapeutic way of working with highly sensitive persons (HSPs), which is based firmly on the Consciousness Way of Gabriel Raam and his philosophy in general.

In the group meetings, Nazım reads and interprets parts of the upcoming book of Gabriel, "Life Between Consciousness and Soul". The interpretation is in the spirit of the Consciousness Way, in a unique form of dialogue with the goal to expand and activate the higher dormant faculties of the participants consciousness, and thus aid them in their quest of self-development.

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