Diessemer Strasse 18
47799 Krefeld


After the application for a change in use in 2016, the club finally opened its doors in 2018.

The heart of the club is the sound system, including a „Function One“ loudspeaker system. „Gleis 18“ is also featured with latest light effect (...) Mehr anzeigen technologies and changing decorations, perfectly fitting to different events.
Although the location was originally designed for electronic music - in other words electro, techno and house music - it’s also perfect for different genres, from easy beats up to mainstream sounds.
Within the last years „Gleis 18“ became a home to national and international DJs and live acts.

We’re located in Krefeld, Diessemer Str. 18, close to other clubs like „Kulturfabrik“ („KuFa“), „“ and „Schlachthof“.
The venue is only open for special events which can be found on our Facebook page.
We’re looking forward to your visit!
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