KuBa Jena

Kunst und Unterhaltung, Nonprofit Organisation

Spitzweidenweg 28
07743 Jena


Cosmic Dawn is a registered association in Jena, Germany, whose aim it is to liven and spice up cultural life in our city. It is our aim to offer high quality concerts to affordable prices and thus to enrich cultural life in town.
In the beginning (...) Mehr anzeigen we had our headquarters in a little pub called "Black Night" but changed location in early 2014. Since then, we turned every stone, invested a lot of sweat, our spare time and some pennies in building and creating a unique venue within the sacred halls of the Kulturbahnhof, an old train station for years in disuse.
One thing that makes our club and association the place to be is that it is a club run by fans of great music for fans of great music. We know our business, and our mission is to bring good, hand-made music to Jena, with a focus on all sorts of Rock, Bluesrock, Psychedelic Rock, Hardrock, Stoner,... whatever band and music we think is worth to be supported.
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