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“SONGS & WHISPERS“ is a brand managed by [ps] promotion,
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"SONGS & WHISPERS" is presenting live music in venues in Bremen and other befriended places. We are putting on shows with international and local artist and are covering the genres: Alternative Folk, Alternative Country, Americana, Bluegrass, Singer-Songwriter and some unclassifiable music too.

The network consists of the following elements:

“SONGS & WHISPERS” CIRCUITS – a monthly concert series through the northwest of Europe over 25 days. Usually, two to three artists per CIRCUIT are introduced. The concerts are generally free to attract more people. About 30 locations take part in the CIRCUIT and the artists play there regularly every month.

“SONGS & WHISPERS” PRESENTS – Individual tours through the northwest of Europe for selected artists, after having completed a CIRCUIT. Often, these tours go along with a CD release.

“SONGS & WHISPERS” SPECIALS – Special events in exclusive locations like the “Sendesaal Bremen” which is a philharmonic concert hall. We advertise and document these events extensively. SPECIALS take place in Paris, London and other European cities and are supervised by local artists.

“SONGS & WHISPERS FESTIVALS” – Self-organised festivals or performances at festivals like BREMINALE or the FESTIVAL MARITIM. For these festivals, artists from the CIRCUIT and the PRESENTS concerts meet several times per year and tour together. These festivals also support the network.

“SONGS & WHISPERS” STUDIO – A professional recording studio which the “SONGS & WHISPERS” artists are free to use! Our “PAY AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE” approach is symbolic with our philosophy and our motivation.

“SONGS & WHISPERS” LABEL – A professional record label which distributes CD’s as well as downloads, worldwide via our renowned partners CARGO RECORDS and ZEBRALUTION.

“SONGS & WHISPERS” @ SCHOOL: Our “Edutainment” – programme which enables direct interaction between the “SONGS & WHISPERS” artists and pupils from grade 6 to 13. The pupils work together with the artist and they are encouraged to discover their own musical potential. The artists perform in schools and the pupils perform at regular CIRCUIT concerts in the evening.

If you want to get a better impression of this concept, have a look at www.youtube.com...andwhispers with almost 400 videos. You can find news on www.songsandwhispers.com
Reviews can be found under: http://songsandwhisp....html
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