8mm Bar


Schönhauser Allee 177B
10119 Berlin


8MM Bar: 15 Years of serving Berlin's underground rock'n'roll scene, 8MM shares a special history with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kadavar, Camera, Cavern of Anti-Matter, The Blue Angel Lounge, Snøffeltøffs, Gurr, Sun and The Wolf, Jawbones and (...) Mehr anzeigen many many more

8MM Musik Label: Berlin based Independent-Label and Concert Promoter. Founded in Prenzlauer Berg in 2006 with 24 releases to date. The label represents original and experimental rock bands, and dedicates itself bringing exceptional talent to Berlin and the long term commitment to developing local music.

Releases: The Blue Angel Lounge, Jawbones, DYN, The Frozen Borderline, Singapore Sling, Powers, The December Sound, Jack November, 8MM Berlin Compilations feat. Camera, Kadavar, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Snøffeltøffs, Gunman & The Holy Ghost, Sun And The Wolf, The Third Sound,Suns Of Thyme, Fredovitch & The Kitchenmen, Mystical Communication Service, The Virgin Tongues, Julia Hummer, Josh T. Pearson, Tarwater

Live: Michael Rother (NEU!), The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, The Oscillation, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Psychic Ills, Dead Meadow, Kadavar, Asteroid #4, DYN, Powers, The Cosmonauts, Josh T Pearson, Camera, Spindrift, The Telescopes, Dum Dum Girls, The Underground Youth, The Holy Drug Couple, Ian Svenonius, Singapore Sling, An Emerald City, Naam, Suns Of Thyme, Indian Jewelry, Sun And the Wolf, Dead Rabbits, The Virgin Tongues, Zulu Pearls, The Julia Hummer Band, Swearing At Motorists, The Third Sound, Fredovitch, Mystical Communication Service, Wichswut, Ecke Schönhauser, Medicine Boy, ET Tumason, The History of Colour TV, Nappa (Schneider TM), Lost Rivers, Eagle Boston, Gunman & The Holy Ghost, Honey and The Greek, Jawbones, Snøffeltøffs, LeVent,The Blue Angel Lounge, and many more.

Synästhesie III: Planned Fall 2017, intimate setting limited to 1000. SYNÄSTHESIE offers a highly curated international lineup of bands that represent the 8MM aesthetic, contemporary music inspired by german experimental music of the late 60s & early 70s. A living history of music that survives contrary to mainstream trends.
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