Interra Reisen- Italian Deam

Interra Reisen- Italian Deam

Samstag, 1. August 2020
bis Donnerstag, 6. August 2020, 23:59 Uhr
USO Wiesbaden, Washington Str. 18, 65189 Wiesbaden

Interra Reisen wants to present the most excellent tour for you. A week filled with sightseeing at it’s best and yet relaxing. When you board our modern bus you can settle into your reserved seats … there is no change of vehicle and waiting around at a transfer point. Via Ulm and Kempten you drive through the Allgäu district of Royal Bavaria. Every hour brings you further south. The towering peaks
of the Austrian alps will offer you some of Europe’s finest scenery. Ancient castles in commanding positions … It is spectacular… To begin the journey in the morning makes everything so much
more enjoyable!

Veranstaltungsinformation, Text und Bild von USO Wiesbaden, für Vollständigkeit und Richtigkeit keine Gewähr.

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