Borsig Amp Fest 2020 Postponed

Borsig Amp Fest 2020 Postponed

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2021, 17:00 Uhr
bis Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2021, 08:00 Uhr
Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge, Herzbergstraße 79 (Haus 29 auf dem Gelände des KEH), 10365 Lichtenberg


3 stages / 17 projects



Canadian experimental guitarists Aidan Baker (of Nadja) & Eric Quach (aka thisquietarmy) formed Hypnodrone Ensemble in Berlin, Germany in 2014. With a rotating line-up, though regularly featuring drummers Kristin Sebastian, Angela Muñoz Martínez, & Jérémie Mortier, the group creates music combining atmospheric, psychedelic textures with motorik, propulsive poly-rhythms. Their debut album was released in 2015 on Consouling Sounds in conjunction with an appearance at Incubate Festival. Their second album, The Shape of Space, was released in 2015 by Calostro Recordings/Little Crack'd Rabbit & the group's third full-length, ...Plays Orchestral Favourites, recorded as a 9-piece ensemble, was released in October 2018 on Wolves & Vibrancy.



Tremor Hex is feedbacking drone from Hamburg City. The duo combines Super 8 and Hi8 visuals with massive bass and guitar driven soundscapes to create an encompassing audiovisual experience loaded with strong political content. The focus is clearly anti-fascist and anti-nationalist.



The Black Cheetahs is a Berlin-based project which music bears the imprint of southern garage rock combined with post-modern electronics: a deep doomish sound of slow bpm’s and a dark bluesy feel with an edge.



No talking, no breaks, no bullshit. Gall have earned a reputation for cold and fierce live sets, strinking seemingly unpredictable and with a speed that leaves the audience dazzled like a blunt force truma. A gut-wrenchling mixture of abstract shapes of sound better described as noise and power violent grindcore (in lack of better words) that leaves the listeniner alone with damaged neurons as quickly as it started. Various releases ( via Nerve Alta and Heavenly Vault Records),tours and live appearances have been absolved by this musical entity.



Medicine Noose are on the punky side of Sludge, embracing a dilletante style that has been shaped by bands such as Toadliquor,Grief and Methdrinker. So far they have brought forth three proper output (via Heavenly Vault Records, Dry Cough Records, Live Fast Die Records ) bearing angstridden 90s style sludge inspired by modern day isolation and the crushing depression of day to day life. Several gigs throughout Germany as well as three tours covering nearly whole Europe have proven their (in-)ability to perform a proper live set.



The Psychedelic Choir* Vocals + bass, initiated by Zorka Wollny in 2019, is a musical band of 9 women: Leah Buckareff, Lyllie Rouvière, Karoline Strys, Pauline Payen, Ana Kavalis, Irina Gheorghe, Gosia Gajdemska,Florence Freitag, Zorka Wollny.
They intonate haunted ambient sounds in combination with witchcraft rituals. Their bass player Leah (NADJA) provides a mesmerizing sonic foundation of drones and processed sounds.*

A stunning orchestra of alien sounds, at times difficult to believe they emanated from human bodies.The work ebbed and flowed in intensity, ranging from light breath work, to soft rain sounds, to the cacophonous screeches of exotic animals and the razor blade noises of inorganic materials....And, indeed, most sounds were abstracted from their clear referents. Though one might try, the experience becomes less about discerning a recognizable soundscape—a forest, for example—and more about allowing the experience of sound to wash over the body. The audience is prompted to reconsiderits relationship to sound, relinquishing the categorical impulse to associate sound with phenomenon, and instead surrendering to the psychosomatic experience of abstract noise.

Zorka Wollny (initiator of the choir) creates acoustic compositions for institutions, factories and empty buildings. Her works inhabit a space between art, theatre and contemporary music, and are always closely connected to the historic and functional context of specific architectural sites. She collaborates—in a director-like mode—with musicians, actors and dancers and, each time, with members of local communities as well. Her works have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the ICA in London, CTM Festival in Berlin, Savvy Contemporary in Berlin, De Appel in Amsterdam, etc.

Leah Buckareff is a Canadian musician, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2005, she has been the bassist in the duo Nadja, with whom she has released multiple albums on such labels as Alien8, Important Records, Conspiracy Records, Hydrahead, and Daymare Recordings. She has toured extensively around the world, including performances at such festivals as FIMAV, Unsound, and Donaufest.

Lyllie Rouvière is a dancer and choreographer. She dances with Doris Uhlich, Boris Charmatz, collaborates with Julian Weber and Suddenly collective and also makes work in a variety of formats such as video and performance. She continues to explore interactions between space and body in recent singing performances with Colin Self, gathering voices and the Psychedelic Choir.

Karoline Strys is a performance artist working at the margins of voice, dance and text. Her work is characterized by a philosophical perspective that is permanently engaged in the complexity of a possible translation into and out of the body, regarding the interrelation of different modes of performativity and always with a focus on the specificity of listening. She is the co-founder of the make a move collective –a site-specific performance group working with elements of contemporary dance and parkour in urban architecture.

Pauline Payen is a performer, dancer, artist. She has recently performed and exhibited e.g. at Palais de Tokyo-Paris, Platforma HR-Zagreb, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature-Paris, Uferstudios Berlin, Gallery Ida Schmidt-New York. Over the past several years, Pauline developed a particular interest in sound material, conducting physical research in the studio on psychological sound techniques such as Musak, super-charged-positive-affirmations and binaural beats.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Ana Kavalis is a performer, dancer, actress, and educator based in Berlin since 2004. Her distinctive artistic career has been characterized by its crossing of boundaries, the disruption of theatrical stage language, the experimentation with new forms of exchange with the audience and the continuous questioning of identity. Her work is developed on the terrain of physical theater, dance, and performance.

Irina Gheorghe works primarily with performance, in combination with collage, installation and video, to address the tensions which appear in the attempt to speak about things beyond our possibilities of observation, from extraterrestrial life to hypothetical planets. Irina also works with Alina Popa as part of the artist duo The Bureau of Melodramatic Research to investigate how passions shape contemporary society. Her work was shown at Swimming Pool Sofia, Changing Room Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Art Derry, Glasgow International, HOME Manchester, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, etc.

Gosia Gajdemska is a choreographer, dancer, dance educator and performance artist. In her artistic practice, she combines contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, somatic techniques and influences from video art and film, touching upon such notions as (re)presentation, image, and identity. She is also co-founder of the IN.TO Collective, which creates works around choreography, fashion, and visual arts.

Florence Freitag is a Berlin-based artist, writer & curator working across performance/dance, video and voice. She is currently listening to mourning voices and bird sounds, collaborates with Sandhya Daemgen on the series What’s That Noise?, hosts camerabodyeye workshops with Camille Käse and facilitates collective sensorial journeys with Lisa Stewart. Florence is part of the queer feminist collective AltesFinanzamt e.V. and co-founder of TanzRaumGörlitz.



Laure Boer combines the expected and the unexpected. As much music as ritual, performance as spell, Boer fittingly describes her sound as ‘witchtronic’. Out of sonic abstraction emerges a system of beat, chirrup and hum, then from nowhere a voice, singing or reciting in her native French. She directs her instruments–a sprawling table full of stringedartefacts–to perform, pushing them into odd contortions, and sometimes startling beauty. Boer also works extensively in the visual arts, and has collaborated with, among others, visual and performance artist Yan Gi Cheng, musicians such as Igor Titenko’s Radio Vostok and San Diego’s SKRAPEZ, with whom she released a split 8” in late 2018. In last fall 2019 she did a 2 month residency in Manila, Philippines, organized by CTM Festival, Goethe-Institut, Nusasonic and Musicboard Berlin. She performed at the WSK Festival in Manila as a duo with The Auspicious Family. In January 2020 she is resident at Amplify Berlin, ACUD.



VVRNGDNG (read wrong doing) is a three piece band constituted in the wrong part of the city at the wrong time. Playing hard and loud, without compromise, the band delivers sharp as shark teeth noises mixed with beats like origami foldings, and bass bubbles from an unknown future.
LRTT* -Voice & ElectronicsHair Camp -Bass & PedalboardTyrant Stik -Skins & Metals



Harsh and oppressive audial unit established in 2017 by Insasse M. and Insasse Z. Atonal martyrdom conceived through scrap metal abuse, electronics and vocal outbursts.



United by the hatred of melodies & structures of modern grindcore and inspired by acts like Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Fear Of God, Man is the Bastard or Sore Throat's ,,Disgrace to the corpse of Sid'', CxTxD was founded in 2015 by Luki and Mogel. In the following years several Splits with Bands like Bizarre X or Sedem Minut Strachu were released on tape and vinyl. Mostly the gigs they played since then were around their home area, because everybody hates their disgusting amateurish stuff, so enjoy. This is not the kind of noise you like, but the one you deserve.



WERL is a duo of Canadian guitarist Aidan Baker (also of Nadja) & Swedish drummer Tomas Järmyr (also of Motorpsycho) who together makeimprovisational music which explores noise, metal, drone, & free-jazz. Their debut, self-titled release came out in 2016 on Consouling Sounds. A live album, HH 2016.09.08, was released in 2017 on Wolves & Vibrancy / Dio Drone Records. In 2020, they have the forthcoming live albums, GBG 2018.09.12 and WERL3, coming out with Katuktu Collective and Midira Records, respectively.



AA..LL (Berlin) creates improvised sound collages with self built electronics, modular synth and tapes -multiple layers of oscillations and field recordings emerge to a pool of pure vibrations. It is an exploration of the movement of body and mind, affected by our rushing era.


Diane Barbé

Dedicated to exploring human and non-human worlds through sound, Diane Barbé integrates multidisciplinary artistic practices, education and research in her work. Diane is an active member of the international feminist collective Heroines, an itinerant research and creation laboratory which saw its first iteration in Georgia in 2019 and is planning a second edition in Thailand in 2020. She has released tapes and records with labels based in the US, Czech Republic and Germany, performing in international festivals like Nachtdigital andQ3A, and worked with experimental drummer Andrea Belfi for a month in ACUD's Amplify mentorship program. Currently training as a documentary recordist and sound designer at the UdK Berlin Sound Studies M.A. program, she cultivates future imaginaries in her multichannel installations and proposes immersive listening experiences that weave fiction and realism together. Diane also co-hosted the feminist show Hystereo on Berlin Community Radio with the FemCoven collective. For three years, she was an associateresearcher at the Chair for International Urbanism and Design at the TU Berlin, co-organising a major bilateral exchange program on urban heritage in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Berlin. Her research interests include Deep Listening and acoustic ecology, as well as a passion for building speaker arrays and instruments from scrap materials and a love of polyphonic singing.


(Bestial Black Metal bloodshed)

Rising from Leipzig’s barren soil, I I will unleash its devotion to death and the omnivorous void upon you. Savage drumming, frenetic riffs and voices from beyond the grave are about to tie a mix of rotten Death Metal and repulsive Black Metal which will tear your ears appart.



Berlins most antisocial pack with a sick fuck you-mix of black metal with crust and doom influences: Darkthrone institutionalized with Wolfbrigade and Bethlehem.



Neighbour flats are burning, cars get crashed, Orture must be in town. Black death metal noise grind devours you from below.


DJ Set Isabassi

Isabassi (Hölle)

Isabassi is a music composer, DJ and live performer based in Berlin. Approaching the “deconstruc-ted-rhythmical-noise”, she expresses within the influences of industrial, harsh noise, breaks and ex-perimental. Exploring different shapes of events she co-founded Hölle, a series of nights where handpoke tattoo and electronic music are combined, also featuring monthly curated music podcasts. Putting together several projects from the last two years, her first album ‘Utterly Prone To’ was re-leased on Fox&Hound Recordings last July 2019, shortly after her debut on Säule (Berghain), presenting 8 tracks with distorted rhythms and harsh textures.

Veranstaltungsinformation, Text und Bild von Noisedownstairs, für Vollständigkeit und Richtigkeit keine Gewähr.

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