Conscious Touch Workshop

Conscious Touch Workshop

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2021, 19:00 Uhr
bis Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2021, 23:00 Uhr
Life Artists, Life Artists Creators Hub - Mila Strasse 4, 10437 Berlin

An Intelligently designed Tantra workshop to open up the arms, minds, and hearts to the experience of Self-Love, Healing, and Pleasure!

How often do you touch yourself?
How often do you touch your partner?
Would you like to learn the secrets of a mind-blowing orgasmic whole body healing touch?
Would you like to explore it with yourself and your partner(-to-be)?

This is a flow workshop which focus is to play with a conscious touch - a consensual, slow, filled with attention and loving awareness touch you have never experienced before.
This workshop is for singles. If you want to bring your partner, come to Conscious Touch for Couples - a workshop designed for couples.

We flow in with movement meditation - conscious dance and a gentle emotional release. We shake off daily struggles, shame, guilt, and sexual frustration. We dive deep into the Self-Pleasure Ritual after which I show you how you can use the intelligence of your body to choose the right partner. After a short introduction to consent you get to do the final practice - Conscious Touch with a partner (or solo if desired). Each of you gets an opportunity to give a touch, receive touch, take a touch, and surrender to touch.

The setting of flow experience creates a safe space to explore. You'll be encouraged to communicate your boundaries and desires, change your mind when your mind changes, and ask for what you want. I will be holding space to come back to your heart and your senses, so you are truly ready to share conscious healing/sensual/sexual/what-you-make-of-it touch. It's ok if you feel insecure about it, not sure, not ready... Slowing down will support you in stepping out of your thoughts and allow yourself to give and receive.

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