transfusio curated by Rahel Schrohe

transfusio curated by Rahel Schrohe

Dienstag, 10. August 2021, 14:00 Uhr
bis Dienstag, 10. August 2021, 18:00 Uhr
Kang Contemporary, Lindenstr. 90, 10969 Berlin

curated by Rahel Schrohe

Katrin von Lehmann, MASCH, Carolyn Prescott, Raúl de Zárate

Opening Reception
July 02, 2021

July 03 - August 20, 2021

KANG Contemporary is very pleased to present the work of four artists, shown together in our gallery space for the first time: Katrin von Lehmann, MASCH, Carolyn Prescott and Raúl de Zárate. Their four, very different artistic positions appear here vis-á-vis the central theme, transfusio – hiding and revealing.

The Latin transfusio denotes a 'pouring over', i.e. the fluid movement from here to there, a power of transmission that suggests constant change. This flowing movement is evident in the exhibition space as a characteristic or theme of the works and also in the mode of their interaction. Painting and photography, abstraction and figuration combine to form a fluid connection, in which motifs and references gain a momentary firmness that can dissolve again in the next moment.

The works refer, each in a different way, to something that both lies behind and simultaneously insists upon the surface of the object. They manifest an interest in formal phenomena, historical contexts, and materially specific characteristics. They open up fictional spaces that make something visible in the very gesture of concealing.

For her photo weavings Katrin von Lehmann weaves two or more identical photographs, cut into strips, into each other. Drawing on the craftsmanship of classic weaving and braiding techniques, she creates haptic, 'shifted' variants of the original motif. Through the techniques used, some parts of the image are superimposed and others are revealed; minimal gaps and an active surface emerge.

MASCH's works follow a similar kind of material play of showing and hiding: on the medium of canvas, scraps of fabric and paint are layered and interwoven with each other. Comparable to Lehmann's photographic interweavings, moving surfaces are created, here in the medium of painting. Active, lively surfaces emerge, which allow us to see the temporal component of their making.

In Carolyn Prescott's Chocolate Tins: Ten Ways of Thinking about the Self, the metal chocolate tins become the medium for the images. Painted inside and out with oil paint, they show in ten chapters the artist's poetic-visual confrontation with questions about the self. They can be taken in the hand, opened and closed, and thus they explicitly embody the theme of concealing and showing. In a second group of works, the Overthrow Series, Prescott addresses specific moments in the history of the United States, moments of subjugation and overthrow of the regime of another country. Drawing from Stephen Kinzer's book Overthrow. America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq and sometimes interacting with her own memories of these historical events, Prescott creates 14 small-scale works in the style of Mexican retablos (devotional paintings) that reveal individual and perhaps new perspectives on these facts.

Photographs are the starting point for Raúl de Zárate’s paintings. Often the artist takes them himself, staging them. When he translates the photographic motifs into painting, he is particularly interested in the relationship between figure and surrounding space. De Zárate's figures find themselves in places that can be determined neither temporally nor spatially. Rather, they are spaces of pure painting, consisting solely of colour and the stroke of the paintbrush. In them, the figures discover or explore something that is hinted at by a gesture or a glance, but remains hidden to the viewer.

Rahel Schrohe

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